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All that we know about the iPad Pro 2020. Should you buy an iPad now?

It is expected that the iPad Pro line will be updated in 2020 since most of last year was devoted to software updates and improving the stability of iOS. But so far, little is known about the new Apple tablets – unless you count the “advanced features” of augmented reality that have been talked about for a long time. In fairness, very few people use AR on iOS (not two people, of course, but not millions), and most are worried about other issues: the design of the new iPad, its processor and battery life.
In the fall of 2018, the iPad Pro was significantly redesigned and released with a new design, edge-to-edge display, and Face ID support. Following this update, Apple focused on iPad software in 2019, introducing the first-ever version of iPadOS. This year, experts suggest that Apple has plans to release a new generation of iPad Pro.

Design iPad Pro 2020According to leaked renderings from OnLeaks, which is known for reliable images of Apple technology that has not yet been released, the iPad Pro is unlikely to have any major design changes. The design of the iPad Pro, introduced in 2018, still looks incredibly modern and stylish, especially compared to other iPad models.
According to rumors, Apple plans to transfer at least a 12.9-inch iPad Pro to mini-LED technology, which will make the device thinner and lighter. This change, however, is unlikely to appear in the next iPad Pro update. However, this year the iPad Pro will undergo one significant change: the new camera with three lenses.
IPad Pro CameraThe biggest change in the iPad Pro 2020 is expected to be the new camera with three lenses on the back. This will improve performance, add new augmented reality features and more.
Theoretically, it will be the same three-lens camera module that Apple uses in the iPhone 11 Pro. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, however, said the iPad Pro will also be equipped with a new 3D sensor that will provide enhanced augmented reality features. Sensors of this type make it possible to use a wide range of new augmented reality applications, as they provide higher quality 3D shooting.
The processor of the new iPad ProThe iPad 2018 Pro features an Apple A12X Bionic processor. Although it is still an incredibly powerful processor, Apple is likely to update this chip in the 2020 iPad Pro.
Apple’s partner TSMC is expected to begin manufacturing A14 chips for the iPhone 12 in the second quarter, but the A14 is unlikely to be available for the iPad Pro. Instead, the most likely scenario is that the iPad Pro will be equipped with a more powerful version of the A13 processor, which is currently used in the iPhone 11.
Although this year we can hope for an iPad Pro with 5G support, it is much more likely that 5G will become a key chip for the 2021 iPad. Apple is expected to add 5G to the iPhone later this year using modems supplied by Qualcomm. What do you think will be 5G on the iPad? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

Smart Keyboard for iPad
Last but not least, supply chain reports say Apple plans to release a new version of its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. Currently, the Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro has a fabric design with textile-coated keys and one notable drawback: the lack of a backlight.
Updated Smart Keyboard Folio can help make iPad Pro more professional, especially in the face of growing competition from other manufacturers. Could the new Apple Pencil come along with the 2020 iPad Pro update? This, of course, is possible, but there were no rumors about it yet.
When will the new iPad come outThere were mixed reports about when exactly Apple planned to release its iPad Pro 2020, but recently, analysts said that the appearance of new iPad Pro models is expected in the first half of 2020.
At the March event may be presented iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro. It is also possible that Apple will keep its iPad Pro announcement until WWDC, where the company often announces the appearance of new pieces of hardware. Yes, and whether there will be a March presentation is not yet clear.
The current generation iPad Pro costs 1059 dollars for an 11-inch model and 1315 dollars for a 12.9-inch version. It is always possible that Apple will raise prices with this year’s revision, but at the moment there are no details about it. In any case, if you want to buy an iPad this year, it’s probably worth the wait. It makes no sense to pay 1104 dollars -1420 dollars for a tablet with iron two years ago.