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Apple released iOS 13.4 beta 1 for developers

The release of any new iOS update is always a celebration for apple users. Maybe the updates of no other Apple OSes do not cause such a stir, regardless of serial number and innovations. And in the case of iOS, Apple should release any, even the most insignificant patch, even those who absolutely do not understand why they might even need it immediately try to install it. we don’t need to talk about major updates that come out only four times a year and contain the largest number of new features. For example, iOS 13.4.

Today, February 5, Apple has resumed beta testing with the first build of iOS 13.4. It can already be downloaded by the owners of all compatible devices that have a developer account or an appropriate beta profile. Despite the fact that users pay $ 99 annually for access to it, you can freely find a link to download it on the Web. Therefore, if you are eager to install a test version of the update as soon as possible, you can find the profile on the Web and follow the instructions below.

Steps to install iOS 13.4 beta
-download and install a valid beta profile on your iPhone or iPad.
-Keep a backup copy of all data so that you can recover it in case of rollback.
-Go to the system section with updates and search for a new version of the OS.
-Install the update, then reboot the device and start using the fresh beta build.

iOS 13.4 is the last update of the second order, of which there are no more than four in a year. While the list of all the innovations of the update remains secret, however, it will traditionally be disclosed as the next beta versions are released. Given that this is a functional update, it means that it will carry several functions that expand the capabilities of the operating system. In addition, you should wait for all kinds of corrections and improve the performance of compatible devices.
When iOS 13.4 comes out
In addition to iOS 13.4, Apple today released the first beta versions of iPadOS 13.4, tvOS 13.4, watchOS 6.2 and macOS 10.15.4. Traditionally, Cupertino also did not disclose the list of their innovations, not to mention the release date, which could be dragged out due to unforeseen circumstances. This has already happened with iOS 13.3.1, whose tests Apple started back in late November, and completed only in mid-January. Then the company was forced to suspend the beta program for almost a whole month, and then – after only three stages – released the final version of the update.