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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is closer to us than ever, which means that our painful expectation, extended by the epics twice in a row, will finally end. Well, if you have forgotten or are a beginner and because of your inexperience you don’t know much and don’t realize the horror of what is happening, then Season 1 of Chapter 2 is the longest season in Fortnite history. What is there in general in history! It has been going on for more than 2 months, and instead of the promised tough tests and many awards, it “entertains” us only with collaborations and inherently questionable regimes. Let collaboration and successful, it is still a collaboration, they do not imply any in-game action and interaction of players.

But the lack of testing or interaction, unfortunately, is not the only problem on the agenda of the not yet finished season. No matter how I wish to deny, there was no plot development at all. Have you seen anything? Maybe you heard? The only hint that we have is miserable houses, reminiscent of a word at a distance. But read on about this further.
When Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, Comes Out
It seems like, after two extensions, the developers settled down and finally put forward an unreasonable release date for season 2 of the 2 chapters of Fortnite. And if after the end of season 1 of chapter 2 no out of the ordinary events will occur, like a black hole for several days, then the new season will begin on February 20 at 12:00 Moscow time (on Twitter recently there was a record on Twitter that the season began postponed for 1 day (on February 21), but since they have not corrected the information on other official resources, we do not change anything either). Well, if something nevertheless happens, follow our site, we will notify in case of emergency and put forward an equally unexpected theory.
Battle Pass Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2
According to our assumptions, the Battle Pass of Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite will not change its price, i.e. it will cost nothing at all – 950 V-bucks for level 0 and 2800 V-bucks for level 25. You will most likely be able to present it, but as before, for real money.
Do not forget also that with the new season a new system can start – the annual combat pass. After several cancellations of this system from the words of the sleeves, Epic Games is still considering its appearance in 2020. Therefore, if not with this season, then with the next, this system will please our wallet. Nothing is known about the price yet. But we know about the savings!

Scene 2 season 2 chapter Fortnite
The plot of chapter 2 will unfold in an alternate Marvel universe. Hero agents will fight evil and in every way resist the capture of the island!

Skins Season 2 Chapter 2 Fortnite
Nothing is known about the skins since nothing is heard of the season either. But soon we will see teasers for the new season and share our guesses. Stay tuned!