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How to Replace AirPods Pro Nozzles for Free

Numerous purchasers of AirPods Pro are worried about the inquiry: what to do when the total white earpads of the earphones become unusable? Or on the other hand, basically become a yellow tint from the particulars of the human ear. Apple has discovered an exit from this circumstance – in its stores, the organization offers to supplant the spouts with new ones for $ 3.95. What’s more, this should be possible a boundless number of times: something like each day, put in new ear cushions if the monetary allowance permits. Be that as it may, a few clients have figured out how to get new ear cushions for nothing.

AirPods Pro Tip Replacement
All the more absolutely, nearly for nothing – just with the acquisition of AirPods Pro you have to buy an AppleCare + insurance plan (which, unexpectedly, isn’t in Russia) for $ 29 – around 2,000 rubles. As per perusers of the MacRumors entry, this gives you the privilege to get free ear pads for AirPods Pro on the off chance that they are lost or harmed (or on the off chance that you simply need new tips for yourself).
“Together with AirPods Pro I gave a service contract plan and yesterday I presented an application for supplanting ear cushions online without paying anything. AirPods Pro proprietors with AppleCare + who need to arrange new heads can do this by setting off to the Apple bolster site,” Writing by one of the proprietors of the earphones ”
When requesting substitution ear cushions, Apple sends the client one set of simply the predefined size. It isn’t yet certain whether there is a point of confinement to the number of free substitutions of spouts that can be requested. The Apple bolster site and the AppleCare + page for earphones don’t make reference to the probability of free substitution of ear cushions, rather, it is shown that an expense of $ 3.95 will be charged for each pair of spouts.

Curiously, contingent upon the structure of the ear of a specific individual, AirPods of various sizes might be required. In the event that we restrictively partition the ear size into ten sizes, at that point before the normal complete spouts secured the range from the third to eighth sizes, converging with the scopes of the littlest and biggest. Presently, on account of AirPods Pro, spouts are all the more requesting of this, and in the event that one ear is the fifth size, and the second of the fourth, they may require various spouts. Indeed, there is a framework for deciding the perfect situation in the ear, yet it doesn’t work marvels. At the point when the test shows that the earphones don’t fit well, we ourselves get this. What will Apple do right now make it purchase a subsequent pair?
Up until now, you can’t purchase other ear cushions for AirPods Pro. Most likely, the Chinese will before long discharge analogs of various sizes and shapes, yet for the time being simply remember that you may need to utilize various sizes of complete ear cushions. What’s more, in case of lost connections, for instance, you should pay for each pair – or organize AppleCare + in the nation where it works, and change the ear cushions for nothing.
Obviously, it’s not really worth paying $ 29 just to get new tips for nothing – for the whole time of utilization, you presumably get yourself one progressively (well, a limit of two) sets. Something else is that the maintenance agreement plan gives the privilege to supplant the earphone with another one at a discounted value ($ 29 rather than $ 89)