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Motorola Razr : The revived RAZR is a fashion forward-foldable

We have seen our share of foldable phones this year there is been the galaxy fold which continues to be on sale if that’s your thing and there’s the hallway main X which is still inching along towards some launch date which will hopefully happen at some point this year but I’ve been using this Motorola RAZR and it’s the first foldable phone I’ve used all year that actually kind of feels like a make sense for regular people and that’s because it’s exactly the weird kind of phone it is it’s not a phone that opens up into a small tablet it’s a really small thing that opens up into a normal-sized phone let’s take a closer look we’re off to bat I have to gush a little bit this is a really impressive technical feat not just because Motorola took the classic eraser design and updated it with a foldable display but because the hinge mechanism that drives this display that makes it possible feels really really clever when you open and close the phone a bit of it actually extends down into this chin thing which among other things houses the antenna this is probably the most impressive foldable phone I’ve seen so far.
If only because it seems to do the best job of making sure that it doesn’t really feel like a foldable when it’s open there’s a series of gears and plates that move back and forth as you open and close the phone all of which make sure that the screen itself eight feels like a perfectly normal smartphone screen when you’re using it but also ensure is that it stays nice and protected when the phone is closed and yeah that’s a big deal because there is no gap between the top and bottom of this phone when it’s closed if you took a regular plastic OLED Display and folded it right in half well it would probably break right at that crease but when the phone closes it actually contorts the screen so it sort of takes on this teardrop shape that prevents the screen for being damaged and keeps the phone nice and flush when it shut that should also theoretically mean that nothing is getting into and out of the crevices around this despite but I have my concerns if you actually take a really close look while you’re opening and closing this device.
There is a bit of a gap that can appear especially when you’re closing this film very slowly you can see what I mean here it’s probably not going to be huge deal and regular use especially when you consider that that gap is hardly ever open if you’re just opening and closing the phone quickly but it is there and it’s one potential point of failure for a device that kind of doesn’t seem to have too many so yeah it is a technical achievement but let’s talk about what this thing actually does because for the most part when the phone is open it just acts like a smart phone there are a few frills than you found in the software the software editions you will find are largely meant to define how this smaller external screen interact with this 6.2 inch big screen all you can really do right now are manage your notifications you can control your media very lightweight tasks that Motorola has to specifically define you can’t just use apps on the secondary display all of it really is tightly controlled by what Motorola and Google have set up for this device motorola says that in time it will expand the amount of actions you can perform on this external screen but for now yeah if you’re looking at your email and checking your text messages it’s very easy to do on this display and to actually respond to someone’s all you have to do is open the phone it picks you up right where you left off and really that’s what I’ve come to appreciate about the razor during my time with it it’s just enough phone to get through these little interactions .
When I don’t need to open my phone but when I do I’ve got the ability to jump into a full smartphone size to swag and kind of get my stuff done I prefer this I think to the sort of small tablet approach as seen with devices like the Galaxy fold and the mate X but it think it’s fair to say that this might not be the foldable that everyone is looking for it’s less ambitious in some ways even though it does work probably better than any of the other foldable touch this year the interactions with that second screen can feel a bit limited but there’s at least one interesting way that you can use it to your advantage and that is what it’s time to take selfies if you give the phone the classic double-crank will activate that main camera that’s 16-megapixel main camera which we can now use for selfies either tap the screen to take one smile which sometimes works or just use the volume keys it’s one of the more novel ways to use the secondary display and it does seem to work quite well but I want more out of this.

Hopefully, Motorola can deliver that in time one of the most interesting things about the razor so far is that Motorola says it didn’t actually set out to build another razor this is just the foldable people told them they wanted there are some really classic razor design elements are like this chin which among other things has is the fingerprint sensor the USB type-c port and they set up bottom-firing speakers which do get surprisingly lab which they should because there’s no real speaker up here there’s not much in the way of stereo audio performance but it sounds pretty good I should also point out that this comes with 128 gigs of internal storage but that is pretty much it there is no MicroSD slot for expandable storage.
We did test this thing in Los Angeles and there hasn’t been so much as a cloud in the sky all day but if it did start raining I’d feel a little more secure using a razor than other foldable phones because it is coated with a nano-coating that helps to deal with splashes and really quick interactions with water it does not appear to be completely water-resistant you cannot and should not put this thing in a beer but it’s at least a bit partier than what we’ve seen out of other for the walls and that’s it’s just nice to hear honestly
There are a few other things to keep in mind like the fact that this runs a Snapdragon 710 chipset with six gigs of RAM which is perfectly fine it’s handled everything I throw at it without too much trouble at all but it’s definitely not a flagship device which is pretty clear from the conversations I’ve had with everyone here this is a design first device it’s meant to look good it’s meant to feel good and it’s meant to run well but it’s not meant to blow the doors off of the competition when it comes to pure power.
I also have my questions about battery life motorola says this thing will last for a full day off of a single charge and that may well be the case but I do have to point out that the total combined capacity of the two batteries one in each half of this device that works out to a grand total of about 2,510mAh capacity which is quite a bit lower than what we’ve seen in most of the flagship smartphones we’ve tested this year and again this is a phone that’s $1,500 you kind of want more than that out of the box in furnace two motorola the quickly display on the outside is sort of designed to prevent you from having to open the phone all the time because you can do a lot of what you need right from this despite but because of the limited scope of these actions right now which again involve managing your notifications and controlling your music I don’t know that that’s going to be the case I think the battery life might still be an issue because you’re not going to use this external display for everything like playing …. But that could change in time.
We also need to take a minute to talk about this camera it’s one camera on the front which also works as the camera on the back obviously this is a 16-megapixel sensor with an F 1.7 aperture it takes pretty decent photos right off the bat and it has a slow of AI optimizations to kind of help give it to ‘ls to react different situation so if you’re shooting food it’ll activate a food mode if you’re shooting in the dark it’ll activate night mode things like that that are meant to make the process of using the camera much smoother and we’ll say again that for a 1,500 phone I kind of do want a bit more ambition out of this camera especially when Motorola is doing some truly weird interesting stuff in the rest of other devices we’ve got you to know three or four cameras into one phone we’ve got this single solid 16-megapixel camera that is fine but doesn’t really do much to thrill.
At the end of it, all the Motorola RAZR is brings one of those fascinating devices that appeals to me even though a lot of the things that Motorola did here don’t make the most amount of sense I wish it had bigger batteries I wish it had slightly higher resolution screens I wish it had a more ambitious camera setup but you get this you got a phone that fits in your pocket really easily and gives you the ability to just hang up on people like the old days there is a potent power in that that you just don’t get from a lot of other smart phones especially other foldables willobviously have to test the Motorola RAZR for much longer than the time I have had to get a sense of whether this is the foldable for everybody but in my early time with it my gut kind of says yes it is compromised for sure this is by Motorola’s own admission a design first phone and there are shortcomings that come with that but again it does feel like the first foldable phone that might work for actual people and there’s a power in that kind of accessibility that we’ve just not seen out of the other foldables you’ve seen this year so stay tuned for more as we continue to test this thing and thanks reading