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Apple Arcade has problems

When Apple introduced its Apple Arcade service, many game lovers, including those in our edition, praised it. Apple was able to offer something truly new in the gaming industry. There are a lot of beautiful games and all of them cost only 3,13 Dollars a month, although for each of them individually it would be possible to give this amount without hesitation. Everything was fine until a certain point. Before new games began to be released. At this point, something went wrong. But what exactly?

What is Apple Arcade?Service Apple Arcade was announced this spring. Then there was not much known about him. We just knew that it would be possible to pay for games not every time, but once a month, and play what you liked from the big list.

Personally, I liked this idea because there will be no in-game purchases in games. I always did not like it when money was being pulled out of me for, in fact, passing the level. At this moment, I always lost interest in the game. At the same time, I am not against rewarding the work of the developer. It’s just that I always liked to pay immediately and don’t throw a little bit later. 1,57 Dollar? 4,72 Dollar? 7,86 Dollar? No problem! If I like the game, I’ll pay, but don’t mess with me later asking for money.
In addition to the lack of “naps,” the service gave hope that the games would be adapted as much as possible. Indeed, in fact, this is a project that is being developed under the strict guidance of Apple and under their guise. The company must cherish the name and strive for the quality of affiliate products.
Apple Arcade became available about a month ago after the release of iOS 13. In the beginning, everything was great. The games worked well, we all tried them on our iPhones, and some even on the Apple TV. To say that we were delighted is to say nothing. Of course, there were disputes in work chats and in-person meetings, but on the whole, everyone understood that Apple had created a very cool product.
Now the feeling of pleasant sweetness has been replaced by a light aftertaste of disappointment with subtle notes of bitterness, which gave the filling of this service. Fears that this will happen did not leave from the very beginning, but now they have begun to come true.

Cons Apple ArcadeAs you know, to say that games for Apple Arcade began to be developed after the spring announcement is at least illogical. They were created before that, and then finalized, and by the time of the autumn launch, everything was fine and beautiful. The company had to do everything beautifully in order to attract the attention of users to a new signed product.
Apple promised that new games will appear every month. And so it happened. Now the games have begun to come out, only their quality has fallen dramatically. Those masterpieces that not only looked cool but also worked great, are in the past. The newly introduced games showed the flip side of the service coin.
The problem is that keeping up with this pace of game release for developers is very difficult, but for Apple, it is very difficult to test them. From this trap into which they have driven themselves, bugs are climbing, more and more often attracting the attention of users.
Perhaps the reason for this was the new studios that joined the program but did not have enough experience, maybe it was the timing that I talked about above, but as a result, we have the reviews and ratings below.
Judging by the complaints, most of the users are unhappy with the optimization. Someone says that the controls do not work, someone claims that the game is slow, and someone is dissatisfied with the gameplay.
These comments once again confirm the assumption that the developers simply do not have time to release normal products. It is possible that to participate in the program under an agreement with Apple, they must release games with a certain frequency, which inevitably affects the quality.
Here it is worth recalling that before the advent of Apple Arcade, truly masterpiece games appeared literally several times a year. Now we are promised them every month. That’s just to make it difficult. Just to come up with unique gameplay, even without taking into account the time for its implementation, is not so simple, and you won’t be able to do it every month.
I checked some games personally. Among the cited comments and similar ones, some of the cases turned out to be nit-picking, but for the most part, the problem really does occur. From personal observations, I can note bugs even in games like Oceanhorn 2, which seemed just perfect in terms of gameplay and stability.
Sometimes they fly out, sometimes they hang, but more often they are just not so interesting. Sometimes it even comes to the fact that in games built on a ready-made platform, there are not enough levels. Here it is generally not clear why their number cannot be made larger. When everything is ready, it is not so difficult and not so expensive to do it, but some developers are in no hurry to do this, and Apple does not let them catch up for it.

Should I use Apple ArcadeDespite the described problems with Apple Arcade and games included in the subscription, using the service is still worth it.
Firstly, not everything is so scary, and most games work fine without causing disappointment. This applies not only to the games that were at the start but also to some new games.
Secondly, if there is interest in the service on the part of users, it will continue to exist and develop, and will not be closed, like other Apple attempts, such as Ping and some others that have tried to try their luck in the past.
In a good way, you need to translate everything into a subscription, and the idea of ​​following the music to do this with games is respected. It remains to come up with films from iTunes (namely films, and not content from Apple TV +) and then we will generally live.
We’ll give developers a chance, but if they continue to disappoint us, I’ll be the first to go with the forks to the App Store. In the meantime, I’ll just express my wishes for the appearance of games of other genres in Apple Arcade. They are all very beautiful now, but I would like more simulations and action. There is something similar, but I would like more development in this particular area.