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iPhone 12 (2020) and Beyond!

For those of you who are not up to date when it comes to what Apple will be doing in 2020 regarding the iPhone essentially, they will launch not two not three not even four but actually five new models of the iPhone.

The first one would be the iPhone SE 2 which has actually been renamed to the iPhone 9 but essentially this iPhone will be the lowest end iPhone for 2020 something that has the exact same design as the iPhone 8 which already had the exact same design as the iPhone 7 which already had the exactly the same as the iPhone 6s which already had the exact same design as the iPhone 6 but with aspects of the iPhone 11 Pro such as the CPU deep 13 processors and also the same main camera on the back now the other four new iPhones will be launching in September and these would be the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 plus the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max now we don’t really know their actual names yet but for now, all you need to know is that in 2020 the iPhone is finally getting a redesign yes something that we haven’t had since 2017.

So we’ve seen many reports of not only the not getting smaller or even being removed entirely but also reports on the frame of the iPhone getting a new design a more squared-up design similar to what we had with the iPhone 4 then the wedge-shaped design that we’ve had ever since the iPhone 6 this design is actually something that the iPad Pro 2018 brought back and I actually do prefer a more squared-off design myself I think it looks a much more elegant it’s easier to grab and I don’t know I just like it much more now an irony feature would be the addition of 5g on all iPhone models releasing in September with the pro models having millimeter-wave 5g so this is the fastest 5g the true 5g and we’re also getting some camera improvements as well with the biggest one being the Nutella flight sensor for improved port remote photography and improve they are essentially this is what we’re expecting from the 20/20 iPhones a refresh design 5g and a further improved camera.
Now into the more specific details so here’s everything new since December so over the years we’ve had many many reports that Apple will finally be switching to USB type-c it’s very odd with Apple because they were actually one of the first companies to race USB type-c back in 2015 with the introduction of the 12-inch MacBook and since then and they’ve heavily pushed it under max to the point where we have no other connection on modern Macbooks aside from the USB type-c port and of course luckily the headphone jack they’ve also given the iPad pro a USB type-c port back in late 2018 but we still don’t
have one on the iPhones which is really annoying because the iPhone is now the only modern device that still uses a proprietary charging cable when it comes to you know portable devices and high-end devices especially literally everything else that I carry with me my MacBook my iPad all of my android phones my camera even my drone, yes they all have USB type-c ports but the iPhone doesn’t and pretty much every single year we’ve heard the news of Apple will be switching to USB type-c this year but that never happens.
Well, Ming Chiku OH who’s been by far the most accurate analyst when it comes to Apple released his research note for 2020 and also 2021 and aside from the five new iPhones in 2020 that he’s predicting he’s so far predicting two more iPhones two new iPhones in 2021 so the first one being the iPhone SE 2 + or  9 + essentially an iPhone 6 plus but would I phone 11 or iPhone 12 specs as well as another high-end iPhone model that would actually lack the lighting boards now Michiko did go into a bit more detail regarding this setting that the heist and iPhone for 2021 would not include a USB type-c ports but it would actually go truly Wireless really comes down to one-word courage Yes Apple got rid of the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 back in 2016 so now the only port that I have left on the iPhone is the charging port like removing that and we would have a single slab of metal with no openings aside from the speakers which are already water-sealed.
The upcoming 2021 iPhone should be significantly more water resistance than the Horry grade formula water resistance that we have on the iPhone 11 pros and then JP Morgan analysts claim that Apple will be moving towards a biannual iPhone release cycle starting 2020 meaning that in the spring of 2020 they will be releasing the low-end versions of the iPhone while in the fall they will be releasing the high-end mall and apparently Apple will be going forward with this approach in the upcoming years and person I do believe that this is a great idea a companies like oneplus they do have a biannual release cycle as well but unlike Apple oneplus releases a low-end and a high-end both at the same time and they do this twice a year separating the low end and the high end into separate parts of the year will give consumers a better idea of when it is the right time to upgrade and if you think about it Apple has actually started doing this a while ago they’re not releasing the low-end iPads in Marchwhile keeping the iPad pros for October / November now something else that cool has reported is that in 2020 high-end.
Smartphones will feature a massive improvement in terms of the zoom capabilities so we already know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra will have a monster of a camera module and I’m not just talking about that in terms of the actual physical size of the module but also in terms of its capabilities yes when the ultra will have a 108-megapixel main camera module which is a pretty nut and then a 48-megapixel zoom module

So this one will be capable of 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom now just to give you guys an idea the iPhone 11 pro max this one has a 2 X optical zoom and then a 10 X digital zoom and then the what would be 30 Pro the phone with you know on this one we can literally zoom in close enough to see the surface of the moon that’s insane now it only has a 5x optical zoom and a 50x digital zo yes only ultra will have twice as much zoom cool claims that the wall would be 40 Pro will feature a 10x optical zoom so the same as the s20 ultra and those other high-end smartphones in 2020 will actually follow suit but unfortunately we have zero reports that the iPhone 12s will be doing the same which could leave them heavily disadvantaged when compared to the competition 
But it seems like the 20/20 I phones will still be including a new camera feature aside from that 3d that sensing tell flight sensors that I was talking about before and that feature is something called sensor shift this is coming from digit times Taiwan they’ve actually had a mixed record in the past usually more towards the accurate side though and they claimed that high-end iPhones in 2020 will be getting the ability to ship the sensor and therefore allow for image stabilization on the wide-angle lens now some of you are probably wondering why do we actually need optical image stabilization on the wide-angle lens because the footage is already extremely smooth on something like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max and well that’s true oh I yes is extremely useful for low-light photography where the more stable your hand is the longer you can keep the shutter speed open and the more light will get to the sensor and the better the photo will be in low-light I do find it a bit odd how instead of Apple using OIS on the actual lens they will be using it on the sensor instead I mean it’s surely cheaper to have it on the lens than the sensor however by using sensor shifting technology Apple could  do something similar to what Sony has done with the Sony a7r 3 were by shifting the sensor they can achieve four times the normal resolution and give you much more detail when you zoom in so Apple could be doing this on all the modules in order to give us a 48 megapixel photo so to say while still keeping the same pixel size on a sensor itself for the same grade low and photography that we had before next up  .
I do have some updates regarding the performance so I think it’s pretty obvious by now that the 20/20 iPhones at least the high end versions will come with the Apple a 14 processor now D 13 is what we have in the iPhone eleven’s now and this was already a beast of a processor not only was this more powerful than any other processor on any other Android smartphone Alder at the moment but it was even faster than 2019 13 inch entry-level MacBook Pro and it even had better single core performance than both the highest-end 13 story 90 MacBook Pro and also yes the 16 inch MacBook Pro and keep in mind that this was all coming from a phone processor that had no active cooling at all this is extremely impressive be Apple a 13 processor was still based on the same 7 nanometre process that the a12 was based on from a year before the 14 however this will be the next generational leap going down to just five nanometers and this times reports that he smc who’s a manufacturer for Apple’s mobile processors has now secured orders for the Apple a 14 processors and they will start manufacturing them in the second quarter of this year so this means sometimes between April through June 2020 this is also just right after Apple’s rumored March 20 20 veinte at which they will launch the new iPhone I simply going down in the manufacturing process that this is between transistors is greatly reduced and therefore Apple can achieve even greater performance at an even lower power consumption and considering how big of a difference the Apple 8 13 process are made inside the iPhone Elevens and those also had a bigger battery by the way but the iPhone 11 pros especially had an immense gain in battery performance compared to the iPhone tennessee’s so there’s a very high chance that the iPhone 12 we’ll also see another big boost in battery life  .  
Now  when it comes to the RAM MacRumors reports the following yeah iPhone none will be getting three gigabytes of RAM than the 5.4 inch iPhone so the smallest non-pro iPhone will have four gigabytes of RAM

This will very likely be called the iPhone 12 then the 6.1 inches I found the non-pro iPhone let’s call this the icon 12 plus for now this will have four gigabytes of RAM than the second 6.1 inch iPhone this time the iPhone 12 pro this will have 6 gigabytes of RAM and then finally the largest 6 points 7 inches the iPhone 12 Promax 

We’ll have also 6 gigabytes of RAM and here’s the thing a lot of Android viewers will probably say (we’ve had six key bytes of RAM for the past three years now and we now have 12 gigabytes of RAM with even 16 Gigabytes) being rumored to be the standard in the highest and android phones in 2020 by the way and that is true Android is way ahead when it comes to the amount of RAM however iOS is way more optimized and it doesn’t really need anywhere near as much RAM as Android phones do so while Apple could of course add 16 gigabytes of RAM and earphones easily they won’t because one it will cost them extra money and two it will also drain the battery much faster because yes the more RAM you have the more power they will consume and you know the faster the battery will actually drain so these are the reasons why Apple’s not doing that Brad you have to say that on my iPhone I live in Promax which comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM YouTube pretty much always closes the video in the background like when I switch to a different app and I switch back to YouTube the YouTube app has to refresh everything which is really annoying because the only way to go back to the video that I was watching is to literally go to my watch history and started from there and it’s not just YouTube this also applies to other apps as well so RAM management isn’t great on the I feel of and Promax unfortunately and having used other phones such as the 1 plus 7 pro 2 on +70 pro the s10 plus the note n plus that have significantly more RAM than the iPhone does like the 70 Pro the 7 pro actually and the note n plus they have 12 gigabytes of RAM so those phones have the best remnants on any phone that I’ve used and just doesn’t compare with yet 11 Pro max unfortunately .

Finally I have more updates regarding the design that I really want to mention so first off Korean tech website the ellic reports that a 22 any iPhones will feature a much thinner OLED display that will have the touchscreen circuitry patterned directly onto the OLED display without the need of having a separatelayer this would result in a third display in lower power consumption as well as they lower the production cost this report actually mirrors the information that we’ve seen reported by ET News Korea perfectly and aside from this the alloc also reports that LG will be switching their ecigs line of OLED displays to LTPO  panels so there are easy X line of displays these are actually the ones manufactured for Apple and in case you’re familiar with LTPO displays 

This is what Apple’s currently using in the Apple watch and this is also one of the reasons why we have and always on displays on the Apple watch Series five this and there’s also a new processor display processor that handles all that so Apple could potentially have an always-on display in the 20/20 iPhones which will make me a very very happy user because an always-on display this is actually one of my favorite features ever in a smartphone it’s also one of the main reasons why I prefer using a note 10 plus versus even my one plus 70 Pro just because being able to see the time and the notifications right there on the display all the time is incredibly useful for me aside from this Japanese tech website Marco Takara was had a pretty good track record in the past they revealed a few more details that I supposedly got from inside sources in China on the 20/20 iPhones and what I said is that the six point seven inch iPhone so the highest and iPhone that Apple will be selling in 2020 will actually be getting thinner at around seven point four millimeters thin from the current 8.1 millimeters of the iPhone Promax they also said that all the four new iPhones in September will have OLED displays as well as face ID they also said of the five point four inch iPhone will be in between the iPhone se and the iPhone eight size and height while at least one of the 6.1 inch iPhone will have a height in between 11 and 11 Pro so this means that one of the two 6.1 inch I phones will be than the other one which to me means thinner bezels and possibly and hopefully even the removal of the notch so yeah fingers crossed for that they also set up a six point seven inch iPhone will be taller than eleven Promax which was to be expected because it displays also larger and then the five point four inch iPhone and the lower ends into an one inch models will have identical cameras to the current iPhone eleven he also said at exit point seven inch iPhone will have triple ins camera modules with larger sensors than on the iPhone pro max which is pretty awesome to hear .
So yes we are getting an improved camera with larger sensors in size which will be able to capture more lights compared to guys eleven pros and finally they also said that is five point four inches in six-point seven inches and six, one inch iPhones will have different numbers of microphone holes among the bottom now when it comes to the notch itself Berkeley did release a new report saying that Apple will be releasing a refreshed face ID system on the 20/20.
iPhones now they didn’t really go into much detail so we don’t really know what it means so at this point in time we still don’t know for sure if Apple will end up removing the notch entirely and switch back to touch ID instead only built into the display this time or make the not smaller or just keep it the same size and just improve its accuracy we’ve had mixed reports on all of these cases but realistically I really don’t see Apple removing face ID and the Notch anytime soon so I think in the best-case scenario they’ll just make it smaller and in the worst-case scenario it’s just gonna be the same.