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FREE FIRE - what you need to know about the flagship of mobile esports?

Battle Royale has been a trend for the last few years. Projects in which one player (or team) must survive have taken over not only PCs and consoles, but also smartphones. So it's time to dive into mobile gaming. This will help Garena Free Fire - one of the most popular representatives of the battle royale genre. If you've ever thought about a quality battle grand piano on your smartphone, or if you've experienced the recent problems of other representatives of the genre, this is a great time to discover Free Fire.

Free Fire is a very striking "Battle Royale", in the multiplayer shooter from Garena 50 gamers fight each other for the right to become the last survivor. The key difference from other games in this genre is the presence of a large number of characters with their own unique skills, images and history. Plus, you can bring along a cute (or scary!) Pet to help out in combat. It is not necessary to play alone: ​​you can enter the match as a pair or four. Free Fire is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Free Fire regularly hosts events with unique game modes. Among the permanent modes are the classic "Battle Royale", the battle royale for rating, the battle of the squads and the rank of the squad battle, where you fight with your squad against four other players. The game looks bright and very big. An important role in this is played by the abundance of skins that allow you to create the most personalized character and stand out from your opponents.

The latest Booyah Day patch brings new content to the game. From weapons: a flamethrower, incinerating enemies at close range, and a PARAFAL machine gun, which is useful for shooting enemies from afar. The developers have introduced a number of pleasant changes: all the images, the variety and brightness of which the game is famous for, now you can admire in 360-degree mode, and also share them on social networks. Gameplay features: working with inventory has become more convenient, and the training mode "Polygon", in which you can hone your skills, has a new mini-map and updated transport.

Another good news: Garena Free Fire can be launched without any problems even on a smartphone of the lower price segment. The game is well optimized and uses less bandwidth and battery than other popular mobile Battle Royale games.

In September, the game already hosted a high-profile collaboration with the "Paper House" TV series, and by the end of 2020, players will have at least one more equally large-scale event. You can follow the Free Fire news in the VKontakte group and on YouTube.

Free Fire is the flagship of mobile esports according to the report of the analytical agency NewZoo "Global Esports Market Report" 2020.